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To HAVE, You Must BE

Originally posted on LinkedIn 8/8/2015

When I was a business coach with E-Myth Iowa (now the Benchmark Business Group) we used a simple equation with our clients to help them get laser focused on what kind of person they needed to be to get the results they wanted to have. It's so impactful, I continue to use it today with leaders all across the United States.


In order to HAVE the results you desire, you must DO certain things, and BE a certain way. Sounds simple, right?

As a culture we are very good at thinking about what we have, don't have, or want to have. When we like what we have, we tend to be fine. But, when we don't like what we have and desire to have other things, that can be the cause of insecurity and stress.

When we know what we want to have, we are also pretty good at knowing what to do; even if we don't actually do it. I know if I want to lose weight I need to do things like manage my nutrition and exercise. Sometimes I do it and sometimes I don't. When I was 24 and created my "By 30 Vision" I knew one of the things I needed to do was go back to school. So, we are pretty good about knowing what we want to have and what we need to do. In my experience, very few people think about the BE's.

The BE's are the most important parts of the equation.

The BE's are the spirit and attitudes that makes the DO's and the HAVE's possible. It's the motivation when you're tired, the calm demeanor when things aren't going your way, and the confidence that allows you to follow your passions and make your dreams a reality.

Define Your BE's

In my book FOCUSED - Your Future Starts Now! I walk readers through the journey of defining their meaningful BE's, DO's, and HAVE's. The process connects people to their values and passions, helps them create a vision based on their values and passions, and create a plan to live the life they want to live.

If you are interested, I'd like to walk you through a process I take people through when our time is limited.

  1. Take a moment and think about a time where you felt at your best or "in the zone;" where your confidence was through the roof, everything was going your way, and you felt on top of the world. I hope you know the feeling I'm talking about.

  2. Write a short paragraph describing that person.

  3. Read over your paragraph and describe that person using only five words.

  4. Those are your BE's.

What you have just done is described how you show up when you are at your best and how you must show up to BE at your best. Those are the BE's that will make the DO's and the HAVE's possible.

I'm far from perfect, but I truly try to walk my talk and live my life in accordance to my five BE's. I know to HAVE to life I desire I must BE:


I'd love to know what your five BE's are. If you feel comfortable, please share your BE's in the comment section below.

Good luck BEING, DOING, and HAVING!

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