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Executive Coaching: Six, One-Hour Sessions for $1,250.00

Leaders Tend to Display Four Different Behavior Patterns:

  • The Driven, Results Focused Leader Who May Lack Patience and Empathy

  • The Passionate, Spontaneous Leader Who May Lack Consistency and Emotional Control

  • The Supportive, Relational Leader Who May Lack Confidence and Avoids Difficult Conversations

  • The Data Driven, Logical Leader Who May Lack Flexibility and Empathy


Each type of leader has good, bad and ugly. They each have things about them that will contribute to their success. The each have things about them that will limit their success and damage relationships if ignored. They are different from one another and require a unique dynamic of support.

With a foundation of Emotional and Social Intelligence, the purpose of my coaching program is to support leaders and managers in becoming more Socially Intelligent, Versatile and Resilient.


Here is a high level breakdown of the program.

  • Session # 1: We discuss behavioral patterns, observable behavior and introduce to the SOCIAL STYLE Model

  • Session # 2: We discuss client’s dominant pattern of behavior and realities of their SOCIAL STYLE

  • Session # 3: We discuss the dominant patterns of behavior and SOCIAL STYLE of key relationships

  • Session # 4: We assess the realities of our key relationships and reset realistic expectations each of them

  • Session # 5: We discuss what Versatility and looks like in key relationships and discuss interaction plans each of them

  • Session # 6: Review of previous five sessions, set personal goals and establish next steps

Click here to see a detailed breakdown of each session

More Coaching?

With the foundation of Emotional and Social Intelligence, some clients choose to continue with coaching with a focus in other areas, such as:

Though the first six sessions are recommended, they can also be flexible to accommodate immediate needs. If you have questions about coaching, please complete the form below and let's chat.

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