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Life is about FOCUS. Who you are today is the result of what you FOCUSED on in the past. Your future will be the result of what you FOCUS on right now. This book FOCUSED is about you confidently doing the right things for the right reasons; reasons that are meaningful to you. When you FOCUS on the right things, you are more secure, confident, happy, and fulfilled. Are you FOCUSED? YOUR FUTURE STARTS NOW!



Leading with Style for Senior Living Professionals was written for emerging and current leaders who are committed to providing the best possible experiences for their associates, residents, and residents' families. Within the pages of this book, readers will define their leadership values, better understand their SOCIAL STYLE and the SOCIAL STYLE of others, enhancing their emotional and social intelligence.


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Confident people see the world differently. They are more secure, comfortable and focused. People driven by stress and insecurity are distracted from relationships, their esteem to achieve and reaching their potential. UNSHAKABLE CONFIDENCE takes readers through the process of becoming more familiar with their Confidences and Insecurities to raise self-awareness and self-management to make confident decisions; leading to more meaningful results.



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