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Leaders and Managers Need Training and Coaching to Disrupt their 90%

Our 90%

  • We have dominant patterns of behavior we rely on for comfort, attention, success, protection and stress reduction.

  • 90% of these thought and behavior patterns are automatic and we deploy them with no active thinking. They just happen.

  • Some of our 90% are productive and contribute to our quality of life and success... however too many don't.

  • Our 90% doesn't care about our potential or our goals or YOUR goals. It needs security and comfort now.

  • Many times our need for comfort leads to behaviors that actually hurt relationships, hold us back and cause more stress.

Our Needs Paradox

  • We have needs. We deploy reliable patterns of behavior to help us meet our needs.

  • When needs are met we're more comfortable, confident and focused.

  • When needs aren't met our tension rises, leading to stress and insecurity and putting us in self-protection mode.

  • The reality is, people have different needs and different preferred patterns of behavior to help them meet their needs. 

  • The paradox is, how one person behaves to meet their need may be in direct opposition of another person's needs.

  • This lack of understanding self and others leads to challenges that hurt relationships and distract from objectives. 

What Does Any of this Mean to You?

  • Everything outlined above is a reality for your leaders and managers and it impacts how they lead, accomplish their goals, influence others, interact with others, get attention, get results, respond to conflict and reduce stress. If they don't understand themselves and others the results will be a crap shoot.

  • You need leaders and managers with high versatility. Versatility is how consistently a person is able to adapt their behavior to the needs of situations and interactions. This means they have self-awareness and self-management. They also understand others in a way that allows them to meet them where they are

How I Can Help

  • I've been studying personal, professional and leadership development for over 20 years. My focus has been helping individuals live and work confidently and competently to achieve personal and professional success while contributing
    to others.

  • All of my programming starts with laying a strong foundation of emotional and social intelligence for my learners, leading to greater self-awareness, self-management, relationship capabilities and leadership. The goal is to support their growth into confident, versatile, resilient and effective leaders.

  • With a strong foundation of emotional and social intelligence, everything else improves.

    • Self-Management

    • Relationship Building

    • Communication

    • Team Development

    • Coaching Conversations

    • Conflict Management and Resolution

    • Strategic Thinking and Goal Setting

    • Time Management and Delegation

    • Recruiting and Hiring

Whether it's a two hour training or a year long leadership development program, everything I do will be customized to your company and culture; meeting you and your team where they are.

If you'd like to discuss the possibilities, please complete the form below and I will be in touch.

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