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If these topics below don't align with your interest or need, I'm happy to customize keynotes and breakout sessions so they meet your objectives.


Purpose and Success with Less Stress

Purpose is the preoccupation with things that are important and meaningful. When we feel purpose, we are more engaged, focused and resilient. When we lack purpose it’s easier to get distracted and find meaning in things that provoke emotion, but don’t serve our greater good.

During this session I help learners consider their purpose in how they live and wo
rk. I challenge them to consider their current versus ideal state in seven key areas of life and identify gaps between where they are and where they want to be. Most importantly I help them identify the values they need to live and actions they need to take to live and work with more purpose and success with less stress.


Disrupt Your 90%

90% of our thought and behavior patterns are automatic. We do them with little to no active thinking. We developed these patterns when we were little because they helped us meet our security needs and to feel safe and comfortable. As adults we deploy the same patterns because they are reliable, but may not align or contribute to maintaining healthy relationships, achieving success and maximizing our potential. Change requires greater self-awareness and an openness to disrupt our 90%.


During this session I help learners explore their dominant thought and behavior patterns, assess what works and what doesn’t and create an action plan to disrupt their 90%.


Fueling Employees for Top Performance

One size fits all leadership and management does not work. Why? Because your employees have different needs, interaction preferences and stress triggers than one another. Fueling your employees with the wrong “stuff” will lead to poor performance and breakdowns. However, fueling employees with the right “stuff” will lead to more engagement with better and more consistent results. Today's leaders and managers must have Versatility, meaning they are open to learning about their employees needs while making an effort to adapt how they lead and manage to meet their people where they are.


During this session I help learners better understand their employees’ dominant patterns of behavior, needs for security and confidence and stress triggers & responses. Most importantly, I help them declare things they can start doing immediately to fuel their employees appropriately leading to better decisions, relationships and results.


Recruiting & Hiring Beyond the Resume

Recruiting is attracting the right candidates and Hiring is selecting the right candidates. Doing either poorly will be a cost to your culture and bottom-line. To do both successfully, you must know who your ideal candidate is beyond the bullet points on their resumes. Knowing who your ideal candidate is will help you attract, recruit, interview, evaluate and hire the right people for your culture and open position with greater confidence and success.


During this session I help learners create an ideal candidate profile from a behavioral perspective. They will identify the top five behavioral characteristics needed for success in their open position. Doing so will lead to more intentional behavioral interview questions, as well as setting realistic expectations for strengths and weaknesses, leading to more intentional and better organizational, management and leadership support. Doing so is good for the new employee, their direct leader and the overall culture; meaning greater success for everyone.

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