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We All Live in Glass Houses

Some of our glass houses were built on strong foundations and others less stable. Some of our glass houses were built with stronger materials and others not as durable.

That said, all of our glass houses are fragile.

The good news is, with the right attention on our house, we can strengthen both the foundation and materials. With the right attention on our house, both the foundation and materials can be strong enough to withstand adverse conditions like things that are out of our control or others who throw rocks and swing hammers. With the right attention on our house . . .

The reality is, some people don't give their house the attention it needs. They are too busy focusing on others' houses, judging them and maybe even tossing rocks and swinging hammers at them. And, we all know that these are the folks who have the most fragile houses. Others see it even if they don't. This is a risk for all of us.

With changes in attitude and perspective, the attention they have on others, the rocks they are throwing and hammers they are swinging can easily be used to strengthen the foundation and upgrade the materials of their glass house; making it healthier and strong enough to withstand adverse conditions like things they can't control and rocks and hammers.

If we are willing to give more attention to our glass house, a few things will happen:

  • We'll realize how fragile our house is. We'll realize the work it takes to strengthen our foundation and materials.

  • We'll be proud and more confident of our house and we'll stop worrying about others.

  • We'll be more understanding and empathetic for others and their glass houses.

  • We'll realize we're all just a rock and hammer away from something breaking.

Now, if somebody comes on our property with their rocks and hammers and intends on damaging our glass house, we should do what we need to do to keep our house safe. Anything short of that, the focus on our glass house will keep our foundation and materials strong and we'll have more security, confidence and a better quality of life.

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