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(notice I said "goal", not "goals")

A lot of us get meaning from the stress of busy and multi-tasking. There is a certain level of admiration and celebration that comes with struggle and "the grind". Many times, the reward is sweeter with a little drama and adversity. But . . . just because "the grind" feels productive, doesn't always mean it is.

(man oh man have I fallen in that trap)

While interacting with clients, TRACOM's Senior Director of Learning and Development recommends to pick one goal... pick one change... pick one thing worth pursuing and focus on that and only that one thing.


One, for how productive we feel multi-tasking, most of us are less efficient and effective with a fragmentation of focus and trying to juggle multiple things.

Two, the positive changes we will have to make in pursuit of that one thing will OVERFLOW and have positive effects on other areas of our life.

If your one goal is to lose weight, what other areas of your life will the pursuit of that one goal positively impact?

If your one goal is to reduce stress, what changes will have to be made to accomplish that?

If your one goal is to be more empathetic with others, consider the shifts in attitude and perspective and tendencies with others that will have to happen to achieve success.

So, what is THAT ONE THING you can make your priority... your focus... your obsession... that will OVERFLOW into other areas of your life as well?

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