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Behavioral EQ suggests that our effectiveness and success will be impacted by our ability to . . .

  • Build relationships

  • Influence others

  • Motivate others

  • Be flexible

  • Be innovative

One of the challenges of developing these skills in the workplace is each of those five things are a different experience for different people. One size fits all leadership, management and development does not work. We must meet people where they are and give them a chance to do the same with each other.

  • Some people are naturally more relational while others aren't as comfortable.

  • Some people prefer to influence others with facts and data while others may be more abstract.

  • People have different needs, therefore are motivated by different things.

  • Some people prefer greater structure and predictability where others are OK with spontaneity and less detail. Being flexible and innovative is a different experience for different people.

If these things are important to you, how are you supporting your people in getting to know themselves and those they work with? And, I'm not talking about superficial ice breaker type activities. How are you really supporting your people so they know how to work together... communicate together... manage conflict together... achieve together?

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