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New SOCIAL STYLE & Versatility Profile

A few weeks ago TRACOM Group released a newly designed SOCIAL STYLE & Versatility Profile.

To "test drive" it, I completed our Multi-Rater profile where I answered 42 behavioral questions about myself and then I asked a handful of other people I interact with socially to answer the same questions about me; measuring my self-perception vs. others' perceptions.

Research shows our self-perception can be wrong a lot of the time and others' feedback is more accurate and can be extremely beneficial in our personal and professional development.

My SELF rating was an A4 Expressive Style, meaning I see myself more likely to tell and direct while interacting with others and I am more likely to show positive and negative emotions.

OTHERS' rating was an C4 Amiable Style, meaning others see me as more likely to ask and be cautions while interacting and I'm more likely to show positive and negative emotions.

Both Expressive and Amiable Styles prioritize relationships over tasks, but for different reasons.

C4 Amiable suggests that my Need is Security in Relationships and I meet my Need by developing and maintaining close relationships with others.

A4 Expressive suggests I see myself faster paced, spontaneous, opinionated and willing to take risks more than others see me.

CLEARLY I'm being too nice and agreeable.

Here is the reality and why resources like these are important.

We all have good, bad and ugly and depending on your Style and needs; your good, bad and ugly will show up and impact you and others differently.

We all have things about us that will contribute to our success and quality of life and likewise we all have things about us that will sabotage our success and quality of life if we aren't aware of them or if we don't manage them.

We are all on a journey.

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