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Identity Protective Cognition

We are wired to protect ourselves, meet our needs, avoid risks, create physical and psychological comfort. We do this through all kinds of ways; some productive and some not.

One of the ways we do this is by maintaining alignment with other people we perceive to be like us; regardless of what is good or true. It's called Identity Protective Cognition.

"Identity protective cognition refers to the tendency of culturally diverse individuals to selectively credit and dismiss evidence in patterns that reflect the beliefs that predominate in their group."

This means we are less concerned with reality and truth as we are maintaining alignment and security within our group.

For how true this may be, another truth is our ability to adapt, grow and change. We have the ability to learn more about ourselves and others. We have the ability to make decisions that are more productive for ourselves and others. We have the ability to learn about and manage our biases and insecurities and see things with greater objectivity; benefiting ourselves and others. Are we challenging ourselves and growing because it's good for everyone or are we settling because it's comfortable and less risky for us?

If you are in leadership or HR, how are you supporting this growth within your organization?

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