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Answer to Quora Question: Are CEOs intentionally being evil, or are they not aware of their actions?

My Answer:

Most likely people are unaware of their actions more than evil intent.

Our behavior is driven by our needs and rewards. A lot of people in high leadership positions struggle with things like listening, compassion and empathy because their success wasn’t dependent on them developing those relational skills.

Half the general population’s needs revolve around relationships with with others. Since these people were little they have been paying attention to people and how to meet their needs because they would get positive interaction in return. Because they were forced to develop relationship skills to meet their needs they are more familiar with them and better at them.

The other half of the population get their needs met through tasks; doing things. Their needs being met are not dependent on their relationships with other people. This doesn’t mean they don’t care or like other people, but they don’t need that dynamic for their security and confidence. Because of this they were never forced to develop or master those relational skills, so they likely aren’t very good at them or comfortable with them.

The relationship people will think some leadership is evil because they don’t think they care, simply because they don’t relate. It’s most likely a case of people behaving in ways that don’t align with another person’s needs than it is any bad intent.

The more people learn about themselves and others the better.

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