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Tune into Your Tension

Learn more about your tendencies, needs... learn more about your relationship with tension.... your stress triggers and responses.

Tension is not a bad thing... but it can be.

Consider a guitar. If there is not enough tension on the strings, there is no music. If there is too much tension on the strings, they break.

People are the same. We need tension, but we want healthy tension.

Healthy tension is purposeful, engaging and motivating. Healthy tension inspires us to work harder and we are more resilient when we face challenges.

Too little tension isn't going to move us. We will lack purpose, engagement and commitment. It will be easier to slack and quit when things get tough.

Too much tension may break us with stress and insecurity. And, if doesn't break us, it may just become our new norm without us even realizing it; a constant flow of stress and insecurity.

Personal responsibility, self-awareness and self-management are three ways to take greater control of your world, learn more about yourself; your good, bad and ugly and most importantly do something about it to create a better future.

What is the alternative?

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