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Interpersonal Tip: Don't Be a Superficial Judgy A** Hole

Is it better to judge people by how they look or whether or not they are reliable and trustworthy?

Duh... right?

Here is the reality. We are wired to first judge people for how they look and then how they communicate (verbally and non verbally) before we become interested in their reliability and trustworthiness.


  • If you don't like someone's shirt, hair or color of their skin, you may cut them off right there.

  • If they talk too fast or don't maintain the right level of eye contact, you may feel discomfort and avoid developing a relationship.

Think about that. Human nature sets us up to judge others for things that have nothing to do with their character, reliability and trustworthiness.

We call this Automatic Thinking.

How do we overcome this?

Simply... use our heads and think! We need to pay more attention and disrupt our automatic thinking and replace that space with Active Thinking.

Letting Automatic Thinking run the show is primitive and will limit your success.

Active Thinking is where you increase your self-awareness and make different decisions based on what's best for the interaction and situation. That is Versatility and that will contribute to more success.

Simply... THINK.

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