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Important vs. Valuable

Important vs. Valuable

What's important to you many not be taken seriously or valued by other people.

When this happens, what do you do?

- Get frustrated?

- Push harder?

- Assign negative traits and judgements?

- Rethink the approach to be more effective?

That's the challenge, right?

Whether it's with kids at home or colleagues in the workplace, if you think something is important and you want or need others to find it important as well, you need to spin the message of importance in a way that is valuable to them. Otherwise, they won't care.

I use to push and when people didn't listen I pushed harder. At some point you realize that just doesn't work and it has the potential of damaging your confidence, relationships and reputation.

Same message, different post:

- Learn about others

- Understand what they find valuable

- Meet them where they are

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