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Adaptability and Resiliency

Don't confuse being Adaptable with being Resilient. It may seem like splitting hairs, but they are two different things.

Human beings Adapt... that's what we do.

Human beings are not naturally Resilient.

Kids who grow up in abusive home environments Adapt because they have to. So, they may be Adaptable, but it doesn't mean they are healthy; mentally, emotionally, physically, spiritually. The same goes for adults. We may Adapt, but are we healthy?

Our Resilience starts with how we think about ourselves and the world around us:

- Do we accept personal responsibility for our circumstances? - Do we feel like we have control and influence over our situations? - Do we look for the good in people and situations? - Are we optimistic about the future? - Do we believe we have opportunity in the world?

What are the consequences if a person . . . ?

- Doesn't accept personal responsibility - Doesn't feel like they have control - Doesn't see the good in people - Isn't optimistic about the future - Doesn't see opportunity in the world


Resilience is a worthy pursuit because it creates a healthier life with less insecurity, stress and suffering.

So, how are we striving for greater Resilience? And, how are we supporting the young people around us to develop Resilience?

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