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Behavior is the observable expression of your personality, thoughts, emotions, and intent. It's what people see, hear, and experience. It's your first impression and what will ultimately define your reputation, legacy and whether or not people trust you. To be an effective leader, you must think, work, communicate, and lead like an effective leader. In other words, to be an effective leader, you need to behave like one.

The reality is: 90% of our thought, behavior, and communication patterns are automatic; we do them with little to no active thinking. These are our tendencies, habits, biases, and stress responses. The purpose of our 90% is to meet our needs and have immediate comfort when we are uncomfortable. The irony is, our 90% likely makes our lives harder in the long run.


Leaders' and managers' 90% tend to be observable through four dominant thought, behavior, and communication patterns most of the time.

  • Driven and results-focused; may lack patience and empathy

  • Passionate and spontaneous; may lack consistency and emotional control

  • Supportive and relational; may lack assertiveness and comfort with conflict

  • Data-driven and logical; may lack flexibility and desire to collaborate

(Which pattern do you think describes you? Which pattern tends to frustrate you the most?)


Being effective will require you to disrupt your 90% and think, behave, communicate, and lead differently with different people. We call that Versatility and it is a predictor of success.


That's where we come in! Our purpose is to help leaders and managers disrupt their 90%, behave and communicate with greater Versatility, and maximize their effectiveness so everyone achieves more.

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