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Executive Coaching for Leaders and Managers


Phase One starts with Six, One-Hour Sessions for $1,250.00

With a foundation of Emotional and Social Intelligence, the purpose of my coaching program is to support leaders and managers in becoming more Socially Intelligent, Versatile and Resilient.

Program Breakdown




Session One: Learning about and Observing Dominant Patterns of Behavior and being introduced to the SOCIAL STYLE & Versatility Model

  • Learn about Behavior Patterns, Dimensions of Behavior and Observable Behavior

  • Client challenged to consider their own behaviors

  • Client challenged to consider the behaviors of their comfortable and challenging relationships

  • Introduction to SOCIAL STYLE & Versatility Model

Homework: Client is given their SOCIAL STYLE & Versatility Profile Report and asked to read it and note any interesting observations, questions and concerns.

Session Two: Understanding Client's Dominant Pattern of Behavior

  • Review client's SOCIAL STYLE & Versatility Profile Report

  • Discuss observations, questions and concerns

  • Deeper dive into the SOCIAL STYLE & Versatility Model; exploring characteristics, strengths, weaknesses, security needs, interaction preferences, stress triggers and stress responses of each SOCIAL STYLE.

  • Introduction to Key Relationships Worksheet and SOCIAL STYLE Navigator

Homework: Client downloads the SOCIAL STYLE Key Relationships Worksheet and is asked to outline 10 key relationships important to them and state if they are comfortable or challenging. In SOCIAL STYLE Navigator they will answer 14 observations about each key relationship and estimate each relationship's SOCIAL STYLE. The end result will be each key relationship and their SOCIAL STYLE outlined on a
single page for further observation and discussion.

Session Three: Understanding the Dominant Patterns of Behavior of Key Relationships

  • Review client's Key Relationships Worksheet

  • Discuss observations, questions and likely patterns of each key relationship

  • Take a closer look into comfortable and challenging relationships

  • Introduction to Direct Reports Versatility Worksheet


Homework: Client downloads the Direct Reports Versatility Worksheet and completes one for each of their key relationships, in alignment with that key relationship's SOCIAL STYLE.

Session Four: Understanding Realities and Setting Realistic Expectations for Key Relationships

  • Discuss real behavior and relationships dynamics of each key relationship

  • Explore why some relationships tend to be comfortable, while others tend to be challenging

  • Discuss and set realistic expectations for each key relationship

Homework: Objectively observe the behaviors and interactions of key relationships and consider how to work with them in alignment with their security needs and interaction preferences.

Session Five: Understanding Versatility and Resiliency with Key Relationships 

  • Explore what Versatility and Resiliency looks like in each key relationship

  • Discuss how client needs to show up differently with different people to meet needs and interaction preferences

  • Consider client's SOCIAL STYLE and their strengths, weaknesses, security needs, interaction preferences and stress dynamics in relationship to similar factors with key relationships

  • Discuss strategies to be more Versatile and Resilient to build better relationships and get better result

Homework: Continue to objectively observe behaviors and interactions and continue to practice Versatile and Resilient behaviors for better relationships and results.

Session Six: Review of previous five sessions, set personal goals and establish next steps.

The goal of this session is to discuss and answer any final client observations or questions so they are as confident as possible with the experience, available resources and their development plan moving forward.

What's next?

With the foundation of Versatility and Resiliency, some clients choose to continue with coaching with a focus in other areas, such as:

Though the first six sessions are recommended, they can also be flexible to accommodate immediate needs. If you have questions about coaching, please complete the form below and let's chat.

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