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What You Need from Your Leaders and Managers


In a previous position I had the benefit of working with 40 HR professionals who advised 700+ business clients who employed 30,000+ employees nationwide. I asked them to reflect on their good and bad conversations with client leaders and identify the biggest development opportunities they felt leaders and managers have.

Here is what they shared with me:

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  1. Emotional and Social Intelligence
  2. Consistent and Impactful Communication
  3. Recruiting and Hiring
  4. Developing High Performing Teams
  5. Coaching Conversations
  6. Conflict Management
  7. Strategic Thinking and Goal Setting
  8. Time Management and Delegation
  9. Process Development and Innovation

The topics above can be delivered face to face or virtually and as a single training, a multi-session training program and executive coaching program. Multi-session training and coaching programs are recommended for best results. Change requires the right messaging and repetition of the right messaging. 

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