I work with three types of leaders.

  • The Passionate Leader Who Lacks Emotional Management

  • The Driven Leader Who Lacks Empathy

  • The Kind Leader Who Lacks Confidence

Each type of leader has good, bad and ugly. They each have things about them that will contribute to their success. The each have things about them that will hold them back and limit their success if ignored. They are different from each other and require a unique dynamic of support. One size fits all coaching, training and leadership will not work.

All coaching programs are customized to meet the needs of the leader and organization. If you are curious to learn more, please complete the form at the bottom of the page.

While you think about it, let's learn a little more about each type of leader.

The Passionate Leader Who Lacks Emotional Management

The Positives:
They tend to be assertive, fast paced, relational, enthusiastic, creative and adaptable.

The Challenges:
The passionate, emotional leader tends to be spontaneous with interactions, actions and reactions. Their impulsivity and lack of predictability can cause stress for others who prefer a slower pace, greater focus and predictability. Their emotional nature primes them to take things personally and lack emotional management when they don't feel supported or things don't go their way. Their needs are met through relationships and objectivity is an opportunity for growth.

The Driven Leader Who Lacks Empathy

The Positives:
They tend to be assertive, fast paced, task driven, results focused and action oriented.

The Challenges:
The driven leader who lacks empathy can be controlling, direct with their actions and communications and lack patience when they perceive others are not doing the same. Their fast-paced, results focused nature can cause stress for others who prefer to work at a slower pace, be collaborative and have space to be creative. Because they have achieved success through being results focused and action oriented, they likely never had to develop strong relational tactics like listening, compassion and empathy; therefore they aren't good at them and may not value them.

The Kind Leader Who Lacks Confidence

The Positives:
They tend to be thoughtful, relational, team focused, deliberate, adaptable and dependable.

The Challenges:
The kind leader who lacks confidence gets their needs met through security in relationships. They have the tendency to prioritize relationships over results and may struggle with holding others accountable when goals and expectations are not being met. They may hesitate to share important feedback or give opinions if they feel it could cause tension and conflict in a relationship. They tend to put others' needs ahead of their own impacting their stress and confidence.

My goal is to help them become a Versatile Leader


The Versatile Leader

The Versatile Leader has greater self-awareness and self-management. They understand and accept responsibility for their good, bad an ugly. They have greater objectivity, curiosity and empathy; allowing them to have realistic expectations and better understand others' needs and preferences.

Because the Versatile Leader has greater self-awareness, self-management and they better understand the needs and preferences of others, they are more intentional and consistent with how they work and communicate with others to meet their needs. When needs are met people are more secure, comfortable, confident and focused. When needs are not met it raises our tension, leading to stress and insecurity, distractions and damaged relationships.

The Versatile Leader knows how to get their needs met while meeting the needs of others to create a better experience and more success for everyone.

The SOCIAL STYLE & Versatility Multi-Rater Profile

Every new coaching relationship starts off with clients completing the SOCIAL STYLE & Versatility Multi-Rater Profile. Similar to a 360 assessment, this profile measures and illustrates a leader's self-perception versus others' perceptions with how they behave, work and interact. 


I am a SOCIAL STYLE & Versatility Master Certified Facilitator and have been working with this program for over 10 years.


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