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Respect-Able: Monday, January 14th

January 14, 2019


Last week was our first Respect-Able session following the Christmas and New Year's break and we had quite the challenges. I was planning on showing a video that wasn't working and the boys were restless. I ended up shutting our session down 10 - 15 minutes early after a staff member asked the boys to be a little quieter and a handful of them refused to; my son included. I told them to go to class, not to behave like this with their teachers and come back more focused this week. 




The boys were calmer, more focused and respectful.  Here are some of the things we talked about:

  • Snowballs and momentum

    I like to use the analogy of a snowball rolling down the hill as it relates to positive and not so positive things happening. The idea being as it rolls it gets bigger and faster and it's harder to stop; good or bad. We talked about the previous week and they all agreed the "snowball" rolled down the wrong side of the hill and kept getting bigger. We talked about creating positive momentum and like the snowballs, when we are going down the right side, it can get bigger and faster and good things can happen.

  • The 80 20 Rule

    I wrote the "80 20 Rule" on a sheet of flip chart paper and shared with them that it is something we talk about in the workplace is the 80 20 rule; which means that 80% of the problems are normally caused by 20% of the people. One of the boys clarified that it means that most of the problems are cause by only a few people.


    I illustrated the point a little further and told them with 22 boys in the room, this means that four or five are likely to cause 80% of the issues. I then pointed out the four or five boys that were the most challenging last week, including my son. I asked each one of them directly if they want to be part of the 20% that causes the problems or the 80% that creates positive momentum. We finished the conversation talking about how every decision leads to positive or negative and we should be proud to be part of the 80% that moves things forward.

  • Video

    We ended the session watching the following video that showed news stories about boys going out of their way for doing good and being recognized for it. They watched with great intention and we had a productive conversation around what we watched and what it meant to them.​



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