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Respect-Able; Monday, October 15th

October 15, 2018

Each week I am going to provide a short recap and a video on what we discussed during that morning's Respect-Able session. This is the recap for Monday, October 15th.


In this week's Respect-Able session, we talked about the following topics:

  • As 5th and 4th graders, you are the leaders of the school. The boys in kindergarten, first, second and third are looking up to you. If you do good, they will want to do good. If you don't, they may not.

  • Everyone sitting around you is your teammate and together we will be working on a community project to earn respect and make our community better.

  • We watched a short video of the UConn's women's basketball coach, Geno Auriemma who talks about the difference between being a teammate and a superstar and that kids naturally want to be good teammates, but it's parents who influence them to be more "me" focused, rather than team focused.

    Watch the video here:

    We talked about the difference between teammates and superstars and how we can be both.

  • We talked about good and bad consequences and that when we do good, good things tend to happen. When we do bad, bad things tend to happen and we can control that with making good decisions.

  • I told them that life is really as simple as this: "Everything comes down to the decisions we make!"  Everyday we choose our decisions; how we want to show up, how we want to treat people, how we want to impact the world around us. We can choose to make good decisions and get good consequences.

  • We will continue to talk about the differences between leaders and bullies and challenge them on who they want to be more like.

  • I challenged them to pay attention to people around them who are doing good things... doing the right things... making good decisions.... showing others respect etc. We will kick off our next session with their observations.

  • Finally, I asked them who they wanted to be this week, what decisions they wanted to make, what consequences they wanted to get and what impact they wanted to have.

Please let me know if you have any questions!




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