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TRAINING: Coaching and Performance Management

May 25, 2018

Earlier this week I facilitated a four hour training for a group of 14 leaders and managers on the topic of: 

Coaching and Performance Management


I started the session asking the group to think about good and bad coaches they have had in their lives and to share with the person beside them what they liked about the good coaches and what they didn't like about the bad coaches. After they discussed with a partner and we discussed as a group, I split them into two groups at two different sheets of flip chart paper; one with the heading of "GOOD" and one with the heading of "BAD". In two different rounds, both groups had the opportunity discuss and note the characteristics of their GOOD coaches and the characteristics of their BAD coaches as seen in the photo below. I finished the exercise with having them think about how they needed to show up every single day to be a great coach for their team members. Ideally, they were also thinking about the needs of their team members as well.



There is an art to being a great coach with how you present information, ask questions and challenge people, but it all starts with attitude. You have to want to do it and you have to commit to being a great coach. Making this commitment will make you a better manager and leader over all.

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