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TRAINING: Adopting a Resilient Mindset

February 7, 2018


As part of the Association for Talent Development - ATD, Central Iowa Chapter's education series "ATDU", yesterday I spoke to a group of 38 about ...


ADOPTING a RESILIENT MINDSET (Click here to see attendee feedback)


Some key takeaways from my training were:

  • Stress is a personal experience for each of us based on our dominant pattern of behavior. What stresses one person out, may not stress another person out.

  • Though our stress triggers may be different, the impact stress has on each of us is similar leading to a variety of insecure feelings and behaviors that are not healthy for us or the people around us.

  • Your self-perception on where you fall within your social hierarchy is directly related to your level of stress and it's impact. If you perceive yourself low, your stress will likely be higher. If you have self-worth and are self-confident, your stress level is likely to be lower.

  • The are parts of the human dynamic that are naturally happening "behind the scenes", that if ignored will contribute to more negative feelings, lower self-worth and higher levels of stress, such as . . .

    • Negativity Bias: We are "wired" to focus on the negative over the positive.

    • Relative Deprivation Theory: We naturally compare ourselves to others

  • A lack of stress management will lead to states of stress and insecurity that will impact how you develop relationships, your self-esteem, desire to achieve and your ability to live your life in alignment with your purpose and passions.

  • There are things that we can do every single day to adopt a healthy attitude about ourselves and the world around us, respond appropriately to situations and manage our stress when needed, such as . . .

    • Practice Mindfulness

    • Acting "As IF" or Fake it Til You Make It

    • Practice Gratitude

    • Add Value and Give to the World Around You

    • Set Meaningful Goals

Emotional Intelligence is today's survival of the fittest and the foundation of stress management. Managing stress starts with getting to know the person in your mirror first.


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