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30 Days After Tony Robbins’ Unleash the Power Within

November 25, 2014

The week of October 20th was a pretty cool week for me. On Tuesday the 21st I flew to Dallas, TX. On Wednesday the 22nd I facilitated two leadership training sessions with a client. On Thursday the 23rd I picked up two buddies from DFW and we headed to downtown Dallas where we (along with 6000 others) would spend 45 hours over the next four days attending Tony Robbins’ Unleash the Power Within event. Robbins’ events have been described as a lot of hype and being cult like, however I felt there is a great deal of “steak” that comes with the “sizzle”.


Upon checking in, everyone was given a workbook that was jam packed with information and a very organized curriculum we would cover over the next four days. Some of the information in the book was stuff I was pretty familiar with, other stuff I had heard of, and then there were things that I had never considered before. Regardless, all of it was great and will lead a person to significant change if they live it.


The first day was the most intense because it was all about learning how to get in “PEAK STATE” as everyone in the Dallas Convention Center prepared to walk over hot coals that night. Being a trainer, it was fascinating to see how purposeful Robbins was with the process he took everyone through.  He was teaching us that with a few simple steps we could change our mindset to confidently face any challenge in front of us. Coming from the perspective that “Motion creates Emotion” he instructed everyone to “Make a Move” that would help get them in PEAK STATE. Some people jumped in the air and others pounded their chest with one hand.  My move was raising my right hand and clinching my fist.  After our move he would tell us to say “YES” three times.  To finish he told everyone to pick their “battle cry” or as he described it, “THE SOUND OF UNSTOPPABLE ENERGY”.


At the end of the night, each one of us went through this process to get in PEAK STATE in preparation to walk over the hot coals. The following video shows what was taking place moments before we arrived to the hot coals.




This event was a cool experience to be a part of, with some great learning opportunities.  Below I have outlined my top three take-aways from Unleash the Power Within, 30 Days after.


I thought I understood confidence before, but I really didn’t. The PEAK STATE process is all about a mindset where you experience absolute CERTAINTY with whatever it is you are looking to accomplish. The only way Robbins was going to get 6000 people to willingly and confidently walk over coals that were 2000 degrees, was to make them feel like they were unstoppable. This experience has redefined my idea of confidence.


For how confident I thought I was, I still had limiting beliefs that held me back. It sounds silly to say, but the question that has plagued me since I was a little is “Am I Good Enough?” and as a professional “Am I Ready?” and in all reality, they mean the same thing. I understand positive thinking and its benefits, but I have never fully given attention to the voices in my head that kept me from taking action. I never gave them attention; therefore I never full realized their consequences. Because I had a “Limiting Belief” of not being good enough or not being ready, I . . .

  • Allowed other people to make me feel inferior

  • Gave up on things too soon

  • Lowered my standards

  • Became a submissive man that lead to a failed marriage and business

  • Over analyzed choices and was scared to make decisions or take action

  • Had low self-confidence, self-worth, and self-respect

  • Created problems and excuses to justify why I wasn’t good enough or ready


The fourth and final day was titled “The 12 Master Principles of a Vital Life: The Power of Pure Energy”.  A few years ago I made the commitment that of all the competing demands of the world, my health was my number one priority; everything from sleep to nutrition to exercise. I knew if I wanted to have a long and fulfilling life, while giving myself the best chance to make the world a better place, I had to take care of my health.  Though I consider myself a pretty healthy guy, this information rocked my world, specifically what Robbins calls “The 8 Gifts”. The eight gifts are a hierarchy of things your body needs for health, energy, and longevity.  Without giving away his valuable content, The 8 Gifts are:

  1. Vital Breathing and Lymphasizing

  2. Living Water & Live Foods

  3. Essential Oils

  4. Alkalinity

  5. Aerobic Energy & Power

  6. Maximum Nutrition

  7. Structural Alignment & Maximum Strength

  8. Directed Mind & Heart


The 8 Gifts are in order of importance and for how healthy I think I am, when I really wanted to focus on my health I would start and number four and stop at number five. Four and five might help you look like you are in shape and healthy, but they are a small piece of the puzzle.


Since I left Unleash the Power Within I have really been trying to give attention to the first four.  I try to do breathing exercises in the morning when I wake up. One thing I learned while I was at the event, is that I really didn’t know how to breathe properly. Chances are, you don’t either. Since the event, I’ve really stepped up my water intake while paying attention to the water content of the food I am eating, all in an effort to stay hydrated. Since the event, I have increased the intake of good oils, such as Omega three and six. For the first time I have visited and purchased something from both Whole Foods and Trader Joes. Number four was a big eye opener, as well.  Never in my life have I paid attention to the alkaline vs acid in my foods and therefore never realized the consequences of maintaining an acidic diet.


To support number four further, I recently came an article titled: Cancer Cannot Survive in an Oxygenated Alkaline Environment with the following supportive chart that make sense of this point.


Since attending the event I have been more intentional about eating foods that are higher in alkalinity and avoiding foods that are acidic. A major success for me has been in the area of soda and medication.  With the exception of a mixer in a drink or my ginger ale while I fly, I have totally stopped drinking soda. I used to drink at least 24 ounces of Dt. Mountain Dew a day and the last one I have had was the final day of Robbins’ event.  In addition to eliminating soda from my diet, I haven’t taken any medication since the event either.  Whenever I felt pain or felt like I was getting sick, I would take something. Today whenever I feel a headache coming on or feeling out of sorts I do breathing exercises and drink a lot of water. So far, it’s done the trick.


Something I talk about with my clients and Tony Robbins talked about as well, was the idea of living a quality life.  Above everything else, a quality life is what I am striving to have. It’s not as much about being happy and successful as it is about having quality.

For me a quality life includes all the good things.  I know what I experienced and learned between October 23rd and October 26th at Unleash the Power Within will continue to contribute to me striving for and obtaining my goals. I believe it is well worth your investment of time, money, and energy and if you ever have the chance to be a part of one of his events, I’d highly recommend it. I’m sure that wasn’t my last one.


If you have attended any Tony Robbins’ events, please share your experience in the comment section below!

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