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Anti Rat Race Life Model

September 13, 2014


I call the image to the right the “Anti Rat Race Life Model”.  The purpose of this model is to live a meaningful life without competing in the rat race that so many people find themselves in.


Implementing the Anti Rat Race Life Model into your life is fairly simple.


Everything starts with your values and passions. What is important to you?  What excites you about he world? Your values and passions need to be the driving force in every decision you make moving forward.  Doing so gives you the best chance of meaningful results, while avoiding decisions you’ll end up regretting.


Your home culture must reflect your values & passions. Your home is your base . . . your sanctuary. It is the one place you should be able rest and revive. It is where you plan your work and prepare to work your plan.


Your Health, Finances, Relationships, and Career is where you establish security and build your confidence. I don’t believe we deal with any stress in our lives that aren’t rooted in one or more of these four areas.  Once you understand that, you must also understand that each area needs individual attention while recognizing that they all impact one another. This is an important point. When we feel pain or stress or anxiety in an area, it tends to attract all of our attention.  Though the pain, stress, or anxiety in a given area definitely needs your attention, you can’t ignore other important areas of your life.   Let’s say you decide to focus your attention on your health.  As a result you get a gym membership and maybe hire a personal trainer.  Nutrition is important, so you are buying healthy foods and supplements.  Though all your focus is on your health, this new focus will impact your finances and relationships.  You might be spending more money than you were before and the time you are investing at the gym, could impact people around you. The point is each area needs your attention, but they are all connected.


Finally, you can have fun and impact the world around you while experiencing stress in your Health, Finances, Relationships, and Career. However, my belief is if you feel confident and in control of each area, you to have more fun and your ability to impact the world around you will be even greater.


This is what life looks like to a lot of people:



We get hammered with thousands and thousands of messages every single day telling us what to think and how to live.  It can be difficult to manage everything and make the most meaningful decisions possible.   The Anti-Rat Race Model is a proactive approach to managing everything because once you know what your Values & Passions are all the other “stuff” either aligns with them or it doesn’t.  The more decisions you make the align with what is meaningful to you, the more meaningful your results will be and the more fulfilling life you will live.


You just have to make the decision that you are not satisfied with the rat race and take control.  It’s as simple as that!

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