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Answer to Quora Question: To run a successful business, what roles are most important?

My answer:

There are three levels of roles in every business.

  1. Leadership

  2. Management

  3. Individual Tactical Contributors

Whether it’s a small business with two people or a large organization each of these roles need to be fulfilled.

Leadership is focused on the bigger picture today and in the future, setting strategic goals and ensuring that everyone is moving in that direction with their decisions and actions.

Management is managing people, projects and processes in alignment with the bigger picture strategic goals.

Individual Tactical Contributors are doing the work in alignment with the projects and processes and the bigger picture strategic goals.

What tends to happen is people start businesses because they are excited and passionate about a product, service or a cause. If the business grows and succeeds it’s likely because of those people. The challenge is that the business becomes too dependent on those people doing the Individual Tactical work, like selling and servicing that it’s hard for them to manage and lead; fulfilling the other two roles.

Those three roles need to be fulfilled for a business to sustain success.

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